We are one of the IS0 9001 2000 Certified Manufacturers and solution providers of the Time Recorders and Access control security systems We have models from basic Swipe cards to Biometric system with fully integrated Time office software systems integrated with payroll, San Solution can provide the solution - " SOLUTION AT ITS BEST"
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Company Profile

SAN SOLUTION INDIA PVT LTD was established in 1996 at Bangalore, India, catering to bar coding Solutions and customized application products. We started in the year 1999 providing solutions in Time Office management and Access Control systems followed by the Manufacturing of our own products /softwares in the year 2001. Our expertise lies in GPS India. The Company is certified as ISO 9001:2000 in the year of 2008

We have provided solutions to various public sector and corporate clients as well as small Scale industries. Our products are built with utmost quality and care, at per with the International standard to compete the global market. We have dealer network in Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Our office in Bangalore is equipped with excellent service and software engineers to take care of various customer needs.

Our computerized time & attendance systems save company’s time and money and allow for the hours worked to be exported to CSV (comma separated variable) and most popular payroll packages thereby saving you even more time and money.


Services :
SAN SOLUTION is catering to the solutions for Time attendance and Access control systems since 2000. We provide quality solution with utmost customer satisfaction. Our quality solutions are as a package of Hardware and software.

TIME OFFICE SOLUTION : This computerized solution is the combination of Time attendance recorders, ID cards and Time Office Softwares. Models are available based on the Industries requirements.

ACCESS CONTROL SOLUTION: Systems are used at the areas where controlled access/entry is required. We provide door access or gate control with a use of RFID cards/Biometric systems. Controllers are available in various ranges. It can also generate the movements and the attendance related reports .

SOFTWARE SOLUTION: The complete time office and Payroll solutions provided by our software, which will work in conjunction with our Time Recording machines. This software has the connectivity feature to the Third party Payroll software available in the market.

We Provide CCTV surveillance, Security Alarm systems and automatic gates such as Turnstiles, Boom Barriers and sliding door etc. These products are very high quality in performance and imported from abroad /made in India which are widely used across the globe.

Product Range

Time Recorders
• Barcode Swipe
• Proximity (RF ID)
• Biometric
Access Control System

• 2 Door Controllers
• 4 Door Controllers
• Stand alone controllers

Security systems

• CCTV Cameras
• Digital Video Recorders (DVR)
• Video Door phones
• Tripods/Turnstile gates
• Boom Barriers

Smart Card applications:

The above mentioned products are available in different models to suit the customer requirements.

GPS/GPRS Vehicle / Personnel Trackers

These products can be used to track the vehicle movement and the persons through the mobile phone and through Internet Google Map.

We also do the customised products of these ranges.

Our Aim .................. Solution at its Best ....................

Business Type : Manufacturer
Year Established : 1996
Annual Sales : Below US$1 Million (Upto Rs. 4 Crore approx.)



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Proximity (RF Tags) - Model PROX
Biometric - Finger Scan
Access Control Solution - Model ACXS
Time Office Software - PRO Attendance
Payroll Software
Security Systems (cameras and barriers)
GPS/SMS/ GPRS Vehicle Tracker
Biometric Face Recognition- IFace 300
Rugged Android Phone

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