We are one of the IS0 9001 2000 Certified Manufacturers and solution providers of the Time Recorders and Access control security systems We have models from basic Swipe cards to Biometric system with fully integrated Time office software systems integrated with payroll, San Solution can provide the solution - " SOLUTION AT ITS BEST"
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Access Control Solution - Model ACXS

Access Control Solution - Model ACXS
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These systems can be used for controlling the doors, Turnstile and other electromagnetic based control systems. So only accredited people can enter the restricted areas. Models available are of single door / 2 doors / 4doors. The Networked configuration of the controllers can control more than 64 doors. It regulates / controls the entry of unauthorized persons to the restricted areas.

Systems are used at the areas where high security is required. We provide door access or Turn stile gate control with a use of RF ID cards. Controllers are available in various ranges. It can generate the attendance related and movement to that area details.

SAN- ACXS Access Control Systems delivers everything you need in an access control system and much more, our system was built keeping the specifications given by our clients. Our software has been marked as the easiest system to navigate and make any necessary changes, whether you are adding or removing a card, or adding a holiday schedule, our large icons with plain English buttons make it a easy even for in experienced computer users.

With the flexibility of SAN-ACXS you can control any number of doors on your site or at any site through your computer network via LAN/WAN.

These systems consist of Proximity, Barcode or Finger scan readers, controllers Softwares and Electro magnetic Locks. And the attendance also can be monitored with reports such as Daily information Late, Early, Overtime etc.

Distributed Attendance & Access Controller (2 Proximity Reader Interface) with following features:
  • Up to 2 Proximity Readers can be connected to single ACXS/2

  • Compatibility with any of the weigand 26-interface readers.

  • Up to 2 Access Groups may be defined. Each Access Group is configured to have one or more (up to 2) Readers

  • Each Reader of the Access Group may be assigned as IN Reader(s), Out Reader(s) and (Exit Through Push Button)

  • Each Access Group can have Anti Pass Back features

  • Visitor Database table: 100 cards

  • Transaction Data Storage: Last 7000 Records

  • Holiday Database: 30 Holiday Dates

  • Weekly Off: Weekly off may be defined

  • Holiday/ Weekly Off card Holder Database: 100cards

  • Holiday Master Card : 2 Master Card / Access Group

  • Micro Controller based design with Real Time Firm wares in Flash ROM, Watch Dog Timer, Lithium Battery backed up RAM

  • PC Connectivity: RS 232C / RS 485 Port (isolated)

  • Multiple ACXS/2 can be networked to single PC through RS 485 bus.


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